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SCYA Storm Rules




Section 1.6. Preparation for Hurricanes or Other Storms.


Every boat owner should make every effort to reduce the boats exposure to the wind by removing all unnecessary gear above deck that can increase windage and become projectiles.

Section 1.7. Procedures for Transit Boat Use of Docks for Protection from Severe Storms.


Dock owners allowing boats not normally moored in the marina to use their docks during storm conditions must provide the Marina Manager or a SCYA Board member the boat owner’s emergency contact information for the boat using their dock.
  • Marina employees and directors can assign boats to vacant docks in the marina for boats seeking mooring space before or during high windstorms. 
  • Boats using the dock during projected high windstorms must comply with Section 5.2 Rules of Insurance and Section 5.4. Required Insurance Coverage.
  • Boats temporarily docked in the marina are expected to leave immediately following a st
  • The Association will be held harmless for any damage that might occur during a high
     wind or storm event.

Hurricane Plan

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