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Did you find a buyer for your slip?  If so, please fill out this form so that I may compile the documents as required by our By-Laws and by CT laws.  Resale documents are usually issued within 72 hours upon confirmation of receipt of payment from our accountant.

The cost is $135.00, make check payable to: Schooner Yacht Association, Inc.

Drop off or mail to our accountant: c/o Anthony Martini, CPA

                                                            1234 Summer St, 2nd Fl

                                                            Stamford, CT, 06905

You must provide the names and eMail addresses of all parties for delivery of the resale documents, as well as a copy of the sales contract.

Restricted slips can only be sold/bought by owners at Schooner Cove or Palmer's Landing Condos.

Unrestricted slips can be sold/bought by anyone.

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