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Boat Club Party Rental Rules

The applicant shall use the Marina Facilities Unit “Boat Club” meeting room for the sole purpose of conducting a private function and agrees to the following term and conditions:


  • By law, Applicant is required to limit the number of persons attending an event to the maximum capacity levels established for the use of the Boat Club by the Stamford Fire Marshall. The Boat Club meeting room maximum capacity is 60 persons when the room is setup with only chairs and a maximum capacity of 30 persons when the room is set up with chairs and tables. In no event may the room be occupied by more than 60 persons.

  • Applicant must be the owner of a unit at Schooner Cove Yacht Association (SCYA), Schooner Cove Condominium, Palmer Landing Marina (PLM), Palmer Landing Condominium in Stamford, CT who is current in the payment of their common charges or an organization approved by the SCYA & PLM Board of Directors.  

  • Applicant is required to provide an insurance certificate evidencing $1,000,000 liability insurance naming the Marina Facilities Unit “Boat Club” and the date of the event. The insurance certificate shall have an endorsement stating the additional insures: Palmer Landing Residential Community Palmer Landing Marina Schooner Cove Yacht Association Schooner Cove Residential Condominium

  • Applicant agrees to make a contribution of $100 to cover Boat Club costs (cleaning, heat/ air conditioning, supplies). A check made out to the Boat Club must be received with the application and all approvals are subject to collection of the check proceeds.

  • The use of the Boat Club meeting room is limited to the meeting room, the Boat Club restroom facilities and the Boat Club exterior deck (the “Boat Club Facilities”). No one attending the event of the Applicant may enter the ramp leading to the docks.

  • The Boat Club Facilities are available between the hours of 8:00 am and 10:00 pm. All events must end by 10 pm. Palmer Landing Marina, Schooner Cove Yacht Association and Palmer Landing Condominium rules shall be adhered to.

  • The Boat Club Facilities are designated as a smoke-free area and the Applicant will assume responsibility for enforcing the rule. A violation of this rule will result in an additional cleaning/sanitizing fee of $300.

  • The use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited. The use of illegal substances within the Boat Club Facilities will result in immediate termination of the function and notification of the Stamford police department.

  • The Applicant agrees to remove all garbage from the Boat Club and deposit it in the dumpsters in the parking lot, leave the Boat Club in broom-clean condition and any spills must be wiped clean.

  • The use of tape, nails, tacks or hooks of any kind to hang decorations on the walls of the Boat Club is strictly prohibited.

  • The Applicant will take all necessary steps to protect the Boat Club Facilities and nearby property from damage. In the event any cleanup out of the ordinary or damage occurs to the Boat Club Facilities or nearby property the Applicant agrees to be responsible for the cost of repairs.

  • The Applicant is responsible for the locking of the Boat Club meeting room doors and returning the keys to the designated location by the time required.

  • It is prohibited to make a copy of the meeting room key.

  • To check availability for your desired time, use our "Reserve Online" tool to book your time slot ahead of time prior to submitting your application.  There are 2 ways to rent the clubhouse:

    1. Fill out the Application form at the bottom of "Reserve Online" page AND upload copy of your insurance ​certification, mail check to Accountant

    2. Download the PDF file of the Application, scan/email it back to SCYA Secretary, and mail check to Accountant.

Make check payable to Schooner Cove Yacht Association, Inc., and write into memo line: Boat Clubhouse Rental Fee

Schooner Cove Yacht Assoc.


40 West Elm Street Suit 1A

Greenwich, CT 06830



In consideration of the Marina Facilities Unit granting permission to use the Boat Club meeting room, Applicant agrees to assume all risks involved for himself/herself and his/her guests and/or invitees in entering upon the Boat Club Facilities, as well as full responsibility for the conduct of the applicant and all guests, invitees and others on or in the Boat Club Facilities with the consent of the Applicant.


Applicant will indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Marina Facilities Unit “Boat Club”, Palmer Landing Marina, Schooner Cove Yacht Association, Palmer Landing Condominium and Schooner Cove Condominium, their affiliated and related entities and their respective past, present and future officers, directors, trustees, partners, members, attorneys, employees, insurers, agents, successors and assigns (collectively the Marina Facilities Unit “Boat Club”, Palmer Landing Marina, Schooner Cove Yacht Association, Palmer Landing Condominium, Schooner Cove Condominium) from and against any and all claims, demands, liabilities, injuries, damages and actions, known or unknown, direct or indirect, which arise out of, are alleged to have arisen out of, relate to, or are in connection with, directly or indirectly, Applicant’s use of the Marina Facilities Unit Boat Club Facilities.


Applicant will be responsible for compliance with all laws relating to the conduct of Applicant and his/her guests, invitees and other event participants at the Boat Club Facility, including, without limitation, any and all laws related to alcohol consumption.

Have questions?  Check out our FAQs page.

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