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Boat Club Party Rental FAQs

Here are commonly asked questions when renting our clubhouse.  If you still have questions, please use the "Contact Us" form to submit your questions.


Who is allowed to rent the clubhouse?

  • Owners of Schooner Cove Marine Schooner Cove housing or Palmer's Landing Marina and Palmer Landing housing are allowed to use or rent the Boat Club for private functions.

What kind of private functions are allowed?

  • Examples include: birthday parties, baby showers, social event gathering, etc.  There are no specific rules as to what type of function it is as long as it's not a concert or an event that's going to be loud/ disruptive to residents.

Am I allowed to book it for the entire day?

  • Yes, there are no specific time limits set for your event, and you may have use of it for any duration during normal operating hours (8AM - 10PM) unless there's another event booked.  Please allow for sufficient time to clean up after your event (all garbage disposed of and tables / floors / chairs are wiped down and returned to their normal state) and put away.

How do I book the clubhouse?

  • If booking for a Gathering, crew meeting, Board meeting, yoga class etc. all you need to do is to select in "event type" "GATHERINGS" and fill out the date and time application form. There is no fee or insurance submission needed.

  • In an effort to bring everything online for efficiency, we request that you visit Boat Club Rental, and use our booking tool to Book Online.

  • If booking for a Party Rental.

  • Once you've selected in event type "PARTY RENTAL", reserved the desired time, you can submit your Application using the form at the bottom of the "Reserve Online" page, but please have your insurance liability coverage ready for upload at the end of the form.

  • You will then receive an email from the Manager either approving or denying your request.

How do I pay the $100 rental fee?

  • Please mail your check directly to our Accountant, payable to Schooner Cove Yacht Association, Inc., and write into memo line: Boat Clubhouse Rental Fee

Schooner Cove Yacht Assoc.


40 West Elm Street Suit 1A

Greenwich, CT 06830

Can I send you the payment online?

  • Unfortunately we are not currently set up to receive online payments, but may be something considered in the future if there's enough interest.

Would I be able to use the tables and chairs there?

  • Yes, you may set up your party/ event using the existing tables and chairs there.  Please note that any damages inflicted may result in a fine to help cover repair costs.

  • If you do not want to use the existing tables / chairs, there's a closet at the back of the room for your to store them.

Are there cups / plates / utensils ?

  • We encourage you to bring your own.  On occasion, previous guests have left some supplies, and you're welcome to use them if you need to, but these are generally not supplied by SCYA.

What are the occupancy limits ?

  • Due to the size of the main room, up to 60 persons are allowed when tables and chairs are removed.  

  • When using tables and chairs, the maximum legal occupancy limit is 30 due to fire hazards.

Is there a kitchen, stove, sink, microwave, etc.?

  • There is a "kitchen" immediately to the left of the main entrance, where there is a sink and a regular sized refrigerator you may use to store your foods, but there is no stove.

  • The fridge is usually off / unplugged when not in use, so we advise turning it on the night before to ensure it's cold for your event the next day.

  • Once you've finished using it for your event, we ask that you clean it out and unplug it and leave door open for defrosting.  

Is there air conditioning?

  • Yes, especially during the summer months to keep the room comfortable, especially during summer and winter months.

  • You may set the temperature to your desired temperate a few hours before your event to ensure comfort of your guests.

  • There are 2 thermostats on the wall of the room near the light switches, and are labeled.  Please be sure to set it back to the original setting when the event is over.

Are guests allowed on the deck / patio ?

  • Yes, but please note there's NO smoking allowed.

  • Please discourage your guests from walking down the ramps / onto the docks.

Can the doors be kept open during the event ?

  • Yes, but please adjust the thermostat accordingly so that the AC /Heat is not "running" the entire time while the doors are open.

Can we play music ?

  • Yes, but please be cognizant of neighboring residents at Palmer's Landing and Schooner Cove and try to keep noise levels to a reasonable level so as to not disturb others.

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